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My son started having large bumps on his face that itch that

Resolved Question:

My son started having large bumps on his face that itch that started a week ago. I can''t believe how much it has progessed in just one week. It is particular worse on neck. He went to the doctor and they said it was acne and razor burn on his neck. They prescribed minocin and differen (to put on his face). It has been 4 days and it has gotten progressively worse. It is still really itching and his neck has gotten much worse on both sides, which are very red and irritated (looks like a 3rd degree burn). I am thinking they did not diagnose him correctly. We also were out of the country about a month ago. Could he have picked something up? I told him to stop putting the Differen on his neck and take some benedryl. He is 18 and unfortunately because of Hippa I cannot call the doctor myself and he won''t. I am concerned this may be something more serious if left untreated.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. M. Lahkar replied 9 years ago.
Hi, the large bumpy and itchy rashes could be due to hives or urticaria. Ths can be either due to the razor itself or due to some kind of allergy. The antihistamine benadryl is likely to be helpful and if he still doesnot feel better, he can use other prescription antihistamnies like atarax,zyrtec, allegra etc. In case of equivocal response, he may also use a steroid ointment.

Look up this site for home remedies.

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