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Lani, BSN, RN
Lani, BSN, RN, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  A Registered Nurse for 19 years.
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I have had a sever itch for over 3yrs on my hands and ...

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I have had a sever itch for over 3yrs on my hands and feet. Although other parts itch as well the main problem is the hands and feet. I take bendyral and it helps the other parts but not the hands and feet. I have seen several doctorsto no avail. I have Hepatitis C and know sometimes the itch can be caused by it.However this dosen''t seem to be from hep c. my feet peel and flake as well as my hands I have no fungus according to one doctor. I''ve tried everything I know. PLEASE HELP


Aside from itching, have you noted any change in the skin?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I still have no answer and you have already charged my account. Why?

Hello Ascott,

I sent an information request but you haven't provided. I am waiting for you to provide an information before giving you an answer if I can.

By the way, you will only pay if you accepted an answer. As I notice, you have deposited in your account but but no payment have been made yet for any question. Anyway, I will let the moderators know to clarify things with you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Lani, BSN,RN's Post: I Did reply yesterday, my answer was yes I have discloration on the knuckles of my hands, my feet are a mess from allthe peeling, please help


Have you tried any topical corticosteroids?

What psoriasis medication have you used?

Can you please describe further how the skin looks like? (red?brown? bluish or like violet? flaky? any blisters?

Is the itching and peeling continues or on and off?

May I know what is your job?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
As I said before I have Hepitatia C and my doctor put me on steroids once the kind that you gradutaly come off. I had very little itchngthan.Psoriasis Meds were over the counter I forget the name. my skin haswhite blotches on the side of my hands and on my knuckles, these spots are very itchy. i have no other spots except on my legs which are also white but different. I have been told this is askin pigmitations. I'm sure i misspelled that, Sorry.
on my feet is is continues However on my hands it seems like it just flares up with a vengence. I scratch my feet and hands until they almost bleed. it never seems I can get the itching to stop. My employment is with a company that makes circuit boards, However I 'm never in contact with any type of chemicals as I work in the front office.


With the descriptions you provided, I would suspect chronic dermatitis as the possible cause of your condition which can be helped by steroid treatment.

Since you have been suffering from such itching for 3 years, If you have not done yet, I would think of doing an allergy test to determine what triggers such skin reaction. I would also consider skin scrapings culture and sensitivity test and perhaps a skin biopsy.

Please discuss that with your doctor.

I cannot think of any other possible causes so I will opt out to let other experts who may have more ideas to help.

Good luck and take care!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Lani, BSN,RN's Post: can you have dermatitis on your feet, also I took beta blockers for awhile could this have triggered the itch, or perhaps those little bugs my daughter brought home a few years ago (Scabies) we were all treated and i have no signs of them, unless you can have an itch without any bumps. i don't have any bumps just white spots.


You can have dermatitis anywhere in your body. It is usually a local reaction to any irritant.

Scabies usually have pimple-like irritations or rashes and besides it seems to be too long to have scabies for 3 years without recognizing it. The other members of the family are supposed to get the infection as well if scabies persisted all of those years.

It would be unusual for betablockers to trigger such intense itching unles you have hypersensitivity to the drug. If you are taking maintenance dose of any beta blockers, an allergy test can show if it is related to the itching you have.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Could this be Psorisas? if so what should I try on my hands. or if it is dermititas? and what if any thingcan I use over the counter?


Psoriasis usually have red patches with silvery scales covering but it is possible to such characteristic pattern.

The two both achieves improvement from steroids. You can try over the counter topical corticosteroids however if it does not show any improvemet, stronger prescription topical corticosteroids may be required.

The difference between the two is that psoriasis for the meantime do not have real cure and it has the tendency to come and go. Dermatitis however can be treated and cured and recurrence can be avoided if the factor that triggers the reaction is identified and avoided.


Lani, BSN, RN and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you


You're always welcome. I hope the source of that itchings can be traced and you get some relief. Take care and good luck. Thank you for using Just Answer.