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What is haemophilus influenzae that is found in a throat

Resolved Question:

what is haemophilus influenzae that is found in a throat swab? Should I be concerned?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  JanelleRPA replied 9 years ago.


H. influenzae is a bacteria that can be found in the nose and throat of approximately 90% of healthy adults. It's presence doesn't necessarily cause or indicate illness. If you (or the person you're asking about) had a sore throat and throat culture which identified H. flu, Levaquin is very appropriate treatment. H. flu is not the cause of influenza, as it was once thought to be. It has the potential to cause pneumonia and meningitis, but I'm sure your provider is well aware of that and checked carefully for those signs and symptoms. Here are several links where you can read more about H. influenzae and Levaquin:

I hope this guidance is helpful. Please feel welcome to write again if you have questions. Best regards, JanelleRPAC

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