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I am 40 years old and after a night of stomach cramps and

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I am 40 years old and after a night of stomach cramps and nausea, checked myself into a hospital. They took my blood and found I had an elevated lipase of 901. I had a cat scan and nothing was found. I had eaten Sushi the night before and suspect food poisoning. I do not drink much alcohol and take no drugs. I have three questions: 1) How serious is the elevated lipase? 2) If I am able to eat and have an appetite should I worry about slight pain around my upper right abdomen? 3) Do you think this could have been caused by food poisoning?

Elevated lipase along with elevated amylase is usually associated with pancreatic disorders mostly pancreatitis.

But elevated lipase may also be seen in other condition like inflammation of bowel, liver disease, kidney failure etc.

Your raised level may be due to inflammation of bowel following food poisoning.

If other tests of liver & kidney function & cat scan are normal then it can be due to inflammation of gut.

You can have more information about lipase here.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the information about the possible inflammation of the gut due to food poisoning. Can you tell me whether inflammation of the gut would result in upper right abdominal pain and how long you would expect that pain to last? Also, how should I care for myself to aid the healing process?
Inflammation of gut usually cause pain in the upper or middle part of the abdomen, but occasionally in other parts also.
If the pain is confined to the right upper abdomen then the liver should also be investigated.
You can take bland diet to limit irritation of the gut & avoid taking caffeine , alcohol & smoking.
Thank you.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Please tell me if there is a way to be sure of a diagnosis of food poisoning. Can the blood be tested? Do hospitals routinely test for food poisoning?
The treating doctor in the hospital if he suspects it as food poisoning will take necessary measures to test your stool , or vomitus in case of vomiting & arrange for their tesing.

Usually in food poisoning other persons who take the same food will also likely to be affected.

You can read more of it here.

Thank you.