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I had a HIV EIA antibody screen with reflexes test I also

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I had a HIV EIA antibody screen with reflexes test I also had a HIV1/2 EIA AB SCREEN test done The results were Non-reactive for both But underneath the test it says a non reactive hiv 1/2 antibody result does not exclude hiv infection since the time framefor seroconversion is variable. Then it says IF acute hiv infectionis suspected, antibody retesting and nucleic amplification testing is recommended is this standard on these types of tests or do i have something to worry about
Hello Jeff,

The enzyme immuno assay which you have done is a fairly accurate test where they detect the antibodies to hiv virus.
The EIA test has a high sensitivity, that means it has more chances of giving a person falsely positive of HIV rather than missing it in a person who has it.But as said no test is 100 % accurate.There are minute chances that it can miss a diagnoses.
Other pit fall is the window period that is the period of 3 - 6 months after exposure where the antibodies don't appear in the blood , and so obviously these tests would be negative.

So if there is an history of exposure then a PCR test or P24 antigen assay is recommended which can detect the virus as early as 2 weeks.
So it all depends upon whether there was an exposure or not.
If it was done routinely then it is recommended to repeat the EIA after 3 months just to be sure or you can leave it alone.

I hope this helps you.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Tharun's Post: I am married and had unprotected sex with a dancer from strip club
Hello Jeff,

As the incident has happened , you need to talk to the person you had sex and try to get the screening test done on her if that is possible.

If not, you can start empirical prophylactic treatment as it comes in high risk exposure.Alternatively you can get the P24 antigen assay or the Nuclear amplification test done, which will detect the virus as early as two weeks.

But if you think there are high chances the person could be positive I would suggest you go for the prophylactic therapy straight away rather than wait for the test results.Avoid physical relation with your wife in the meantime.

I hope this helps you.