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DoogleNK, Doctor (MD)
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I have just recently come out of hospital, where i have been

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I have just recently come out of hospital, where i have been investigated by a neurologist for my poor balance/coordination and dizziness. I had mri scans and lumbar puncture and the overall opinion was MS.I have since had a b/t which has shown my b12 levels to be 169. Is this low? and could this be my problem? What should be the initial remedy to bring my b12 levels up?
Your vit B12 levels are low & this can cause/contribute to your symptoms.
The two problems can co-exist.
You need to take vitamin B12 supplements.
Please consult your doctor for prescription.
For more information, please read this.

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DoogleNK, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 1139
Experience: MD
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
Although i'm aware that low b12 and ms can be connected. I really want to know if my b12 level is low, should i be given an initial boost to bring the level up with injections or will taking a supplement be enough?
I have just started taking Cyanocobalamin 50 mcg X 3 daily?


Since you have relisted the question, and DoogleNK is offline I can try to help you. For people with B12 deficiency we usually recommend 1,000 mcg of oral replacement per day. This is available at any pharmacy or mass retailer and is very inexpensive. Dozens of studies have shown that injections don't work any better than the pills. The normal B12 level is 200 - 900 pg/ml, so you are a bit low.