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Since June of last year, I have had reoccurring staph

Resolved Question:

Since June of last year, I have had reoccurring staph infections, 3 times hospitalized to have them drained. Since March I have been free of them, and last week returning from a business trip, i thought i had a pimple on the back of my ear lobe. On friday, I flipped my ear to pop the pimple for it was very sore, and the boil burst :-( I realized after swabbing the puss, that it is another staph. That night i awoke w/tremendous earaches, on both ears, popping in my ears, and a fever followed with dizzieness, which I am still feeling. My doctor is on vacation, and i have called in andleft a message w/ no reply. He returns on thursday, and i have some of the mupirocin ointment which i have been applying to the site. What should I do?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.
The problem could be more than a simple boil. Severe ear pain, popping in ear, dizziness could be due to infection in the middle or inner ear. This can potentially threaten hearing & cause spread of infection to the brain. You may ned IV antibiotics for treatment.
You need to go to the ER for evaluation & treatment.

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