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Dr PG M.D.
Dr PG M.D., Doctor
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Recently, even when only semi aroused, I release large

Resolved Question:

Recently, even when only semi aroused, I release large amounts of what looks like seaman from my penis. I work away alot and when i talk to my girl friend over the phone i end up with a big wet patch. At first i wasnt really bothered but have noticed it starting to get more and more. It is starting to get very embrassing when i go home to see her. It doesnt hurt when i pee, and there is nothing unusall down there but am unsure if it could be an std. Is there something i can do before seeing a doc. Or should i just go and get tested. But am also unsure what to get tested for. Is this common. It is also very difficult for me to see a doctor due to my work situation. I am a 30yo white male my job is a off shore diver. Please advise.Thankyou
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr PG M.D. replied 9 years ago.
Dear Stewart,
From your description it seems that you are not suffering from any disease.
This seems to related to a lack of sexual intercourse that you are experiencing due to your job profile.
Semen is constantly produced in the testes, and it needs to come out.
Hence if you do not have intercourse for a prolonged period, then even mild stimulation can lead to a big wet patch.
I believe that this can be easily overcome with masturbation,
There is nothing to worry in this situation I believe,
As long their is no local pain, discharge irritation etc. it is unlikely to signify anything serious
Dr. PG
Dr PG M.D. and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I feel a bit embarassed. But thank you very much for your response
Expert:  Dr PG M.D. replied 9 years ago.
Please do not feel embarrassed.
You would be surprised how many times a variation of this question has been asked to me!
The confidentiality available in an online consult is one of its biggest benefits,