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Have been diagnosed with hip joint problems 4 about 5 years.

Resolved Question:

have been diagnosed with hip joint problems 4 about 5 years. pain became severe last night n started havin trouble walkin. am now using my 4arm crutches from years ago 2 get around my house. have trouble lifting my legs. they feel very weak. motrin 800mg does almost nothing. s this serious?? what actions should i take??
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.
What hip probelms have been diagnosed for the last 5 years?

Did you hurt yourself or fell down or has truma to hip yesterday or recently?

Is there pain any othee joint ?

Do you have fever & local warmth ?

Are the movements of hip painful throughout the range or only at the extremes?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i was told i have Sacroiliac joint problems. but thats all they have said. i have not fallen or had any trama 2 my hip in the recent past. no other joint pain. no fever though occasionally i have had sum feeling of warmth in my hip. there is pain throughout the range of motion
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.

Is this pain different from your pre-existing pain or ,is it the same -but just worse?

What is the exact location of this pain?

Is this a shooting type pain?

Is there any radiation of this pain?

What aggravtes this pain & what relieves this pain?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
its pretty much the same. the pain is mainly in the back side of the hip at the top of the "crack" approx 1inch to each side. the left hip is the worst at this point and the pain is radiating around 2 the front hip is a shooting pain. it radiats to the front. motion deffinetly aggrivates the pain, lying down helps relieve sum, and heat is a very temporary help.
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.
It appears to be an aggravation of sacroilitis. The diagnosis can be confirmed by physical exam. Please consult an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation & treatment.
Evaluation may include blood work, x-ray of pelvis or MRI scan.
Treatment may include bed rest for 2-3 days, avoiding painful activities ,NSAIDs/ opiods for pain relief, local heat & massage and physiotherapy. Sometimes, a repeat steroid injection may work in this situation.

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