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Clove Gardner
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are glassy eyes a sign of alcoholism

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Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Clove Gardner replied 9 years ago.

Glassy eyes are usually referred as eyes, that are unresponsive - wide open, less blinking, unfocused and wide pupils. This can be caused by a drugs or toxins that harm the nervous system, and in some diseases like Basedow's disease (it's a thyroid disease). Glassy eyes can be seen when you are drunk, and thus they may indicate alcohol consumption. But that is not strong sign for drinking, as they may be caused by drugs.
Alcoholism on the other hand is condition known as alcohol dependence syndrome. Symptoms of alcoholism and diagnostic criteria include the behavioral changes followed after the alcohol consumption, not physical signs:

As we see drinking and alcoholism are different. Thus glassy eyes can be sign of alcohol consumption (drinking a couple of beers or shots), or any other nervous system intoxication, but not as sign of alcoholism.

I hope I helped with my answer. Feel free to ask me further.
K. Bahchevanov
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