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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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i have numbness in the outer right side of my right leg.

Resolved Question:

i have numbness in the outer right side of my right leg. it started about 10 days ago, and about 2 weeks prior to that i had some numbness in my small toe. i am getting somewhat worried, and am having a hard time trying to figure out if it is just a pinched nerve or something more serious. Please help?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Do you have any pain at all?

Where is the numbness in the thigh - the outside or the front or the back?

And where is the numbness in the lower leg - the front of the shin, or the side of the leg, or the back of the calf?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it is not paidn per se, it is a dull numbness, though i can still feel it if i massage the area. it is the outer calf, from below the knee to above the ankle
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
Do you cross your legs often?

The area of numbness you describe comes from the peroneal nerve, which is on the outside of the leg just below the knee, and can cause numbness in the region you describe.

It can come from compression of the peroneal nerve at the knee. If this is the case, it can also cause some weakness in lifting your ankle up (toes to the sky).

Since you don't have the numbness or the pain up in the rest of the upper leg or back, it is unlikely a "pinched" nerve in the back. You should continue to keep an eye on this, and keep pressure off the knees, wear comfortable shoes, and make sure it gets better with time. If it doesn't, a physical exam by a doctor can help with further diagnosis.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Mark's Post: Ok. What about working out and physical activity? Do more or limit it? If the pain moves up or down should I start to worry?

I work a desk job often, so i do sit a lot and probably do cross my legs often. Is it more that or the footwear choice?

I just want to avoid tons of tests and dr. visits unless it is something which could be a big problem (possibly).

Last question: should I bother with acupuncture again or just take ibuprofen to try to ignore the (not pain, but, "feeling") . it is a bothersome sensation, which is just achey, not pain. But is is distracting
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
It is probably more the crossing of the legs that puts the pressure on the outside of your leg/knee (that's where the nerve is).

If you don't have any improvement with the changes, then go see your doctor. Acupuncture probably won't help, as this will probably get better on it's own.

The thing to see your doctor sooner is if you develop weakness in walking (e.g. picking up your foot) as this nerve also controls muscles that pick up your ankle while walking. Also see your doctor if you develop pain going up the leg to the back.

Keep working out and doing the normal stuff, as it shouldn't hurt this -- but again, if you notice the changes above, then see your doctor.
Dr. Mark and 5 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you very much for your time
best, lorraine