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Im experiencing knee pain since participating in a

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I'm experiencing knee pain since participating in a ropes course 10 days ago. I had no injury or pain while on the course, but the next morning noticed a sensitivity to touch on the outside of my left knee. It felt like a small bruise, but there's no discoloration or swelling. Since then I have done my regular work outs (squats, lifting, stairmaster, treadmill) with no pain or unusual feelings. But the sensitivity to touch persisits. With my leg extended, the sore spot is at 4:00 position just to the outside of the kneecap (with 12:00 being the top of the kneecap). When flexed, the spot extends into an arc from 1:00 to 4:00, ringing the kneecap. I'm scheduled to do a four day ropes course training next weekend, and am concerned about exacerbating this. I'm 44, female. Thanks!
Will you please answer some questions to help you better-
1.Is there any giving away sensation when you upstairs or downstairs?
2.Is there any feeling of slip at the knee when you stand from a sitting position?
Please give me all & any other detail.
Waiting for reply.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello Dr. Tiwari. Thanks for your questions. The answer is no to both. The main symptom is sensitivity to touch or pressure. For example, if I cross my left ankle over my right knee when my knee is bare, I get a slight sensation of tightening at the outside cusp of my left knee. No big deal. If I do the same thing with pants on, the pressure of the clothing against the 90 angle of the bend in my knee produces a distinct sort of burning sensation along the outside of the knee. I would describe this as feeling like an internal abrasion. It has that same kind of burning feeling. Again, no swelling, no visible bruising. Last night I rolled over in bed at one point and it felt like I dragged my knee across the sheets, and it hurt enough to wake me up. I then put on an ice pack.

If I haven't been palpating the area and have left it alone for awhile, I have no sensation of pain or discomfort at all. But all I need to do is brush past the area with a light touch, and I get a sharp pain (of maybe 3.5 on a scale of 10; not really painful, but very localized and sharp). When sitting on the floor with my legs extended, I can find a tender spot at the 4:00 position on a kind of boney ridge of the outside part of the knee. It will feel only tender. If I then bend my knee and palpate, the sensitive area expands to an arc from 1:00 to 4:00, with more of the burning sensation.

I've been able to do all my normal activities without pain, including interval work on a stairmaster. My thought was that when I'd been up on the ropes course 10 days ago, I'd been doing a lot of strenuous balancing to stay balanced on the cables, using my legs in a more lateral kind of movement, and I wonder if I tweaked something, or strained a ligament. Since I'm scheduled for a 4-day ropes course training starting this coming weekend, I don't want this to turn into a real problem. I wonder if bracing my knee would be a good idea? Or maybe I should just avoid the balancing stuff all together. I'll add that I have a history of soft tissue injuries and seem to be somewhat prone to them, and therefore cautious! Thanks for your help.
Thanks for information.
After going through all the information you have provided i reached to the conclusion that you may be having a strain of the lateral collateral ligament of the knee.Activity you have done,spot of pain,& lack of the severe pain are supporting this.
In this case i will suggests you to wear bracing that will certainly help you by preventing abnormal movements & giving support.If from date of injury you have passed about two weeks then you may join your next course if your pain is permitting you,but you should avoid any severe type of strain on your knee.
I think it will help you.
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