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i took two anitibiotics for 10 days doxycycline and parsamomycin

Resolved Question:

i was diagnosed with a ameoba type parasite 2 weeks ago. i took two anitibiotics for 10 days doxycycline and parsamomycin. i took the last pills thursday. today is sunday. my diarrhea has subsided 90% and also my stomach pains. i received ct scans of abdomen and an endoscopy to rule out anything else and my blood work looks close to normal now except for positive results on immune deficiency but just borderline. I am telling you this history to help me with completely unrelated problem I always suffer from chronic thoracic back pain- two herniated discs there and most of the time manage to contol it with heat and lidocaine patches. however about twice a year that area goes into spasm like right now. it always feels the same like being stabed every 5 seconds . Usually i take advil and percocet when this happens and it subsides in a day or so. however due to my recent aqntibiotics and my stomach and bowels not in 100% shape I do not know what to take to relieve this spasm ????
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Saha replied 9 years ago.

The amoeba type parasite usually affects the colon or lower small intestine.

On the other hand advil may cause its adverse effect on stomach.

So if you take advil after food there is unlikely to have any more side effect.

Percocet may also cause some nausea or it may cause constipation but that is not going to do any major effect on parasitic infection or its effect.

So I feel you may take advil or percocet as you were taking before.

I hope this will help. If you need clarifications, please ask.
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