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I have been suffering with hives since spring began .I am an

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I have been suffering with hives since spring began .I am an advid gardener have always worked with plants and flowersonly once in awhile did I break out with a few itchy hives on the bottom of my buttocks or once in awhile one lg. one above my lip. But the other day after applying grass to my garden my eyes swelled up and I had maybe a half dozen of them on my arms ,between my legs, upper thigh area I phoned my Dr. and he told me to take previset and benidrill/my stomach was also feeling as tho it had a big bubble that would rise up to my chest.Sure the medication relieved the problem but as soon as I stop taking it they return. Iam concerned and want to know the underlying problem .Can you help?
You are certainly having allergy to grass and possibly other things such as pollens and other plants. The best way to deal with your problem is to identify what you are allergic to and stay away from that as much as possible. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the allergen and for that you would have to take medications such as antihistamines on a regular basis for prevention of allergic reaction to various things that your body is allergic to. The best person who can help you and guide you with the management of your condition is a doctor that specializes in allergies (called as allergists). If your symptoms are not improving I would recommend that you consult an allergist for the best possible solution and insight into your problem..

Kindest Regards
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I went to a allergist and they pretty much told me the same thing log everything I ate and plants I was around. just wanting another opinion.
I was glad to help you out in providing you a second opinion. I would appreciate it if you click ACCEPT if you found my services helpful and provide a BONUS if you feel like doing.

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