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I have been sick, symptoms were fatigue and sever headache

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I have been sick, symptoms were fatigue and sever headache that came and went (3 of my children had the same thing except they wer throwing up as well).   My headache went away and my wrists starting hurting and now it has progressed to all the joints in my body hurt when I do anything. It''s hard for me to pick up anything, hurts when I make a closed fist, bend down, etc.   Is it just a virus or?
Since how long are you having these symptoms?
Do you experience stiffness of the joints when you get up in the morning or after a period of inactivity?
Do you have any other medical problems?

Please let me know.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
If you are referring to the headaches, I know that part was just some type of virs because 3 of my children had the same thing(those were the preceding 5 days). My neck became stiff (like a crick in both sides)at the base of the skull beginning on Friday around 5 p.m. Saturday I still had the cricks and around noon or so, my wrists starting hurting and that night it was all thru out my finger joints, my knees, etc. I feel like I'm 80 years old, have a hard time picking up a gallon of milk. This is just a sudden onset, I work out on a regular basis (weights and cardio), eat well. No other medical problems.
Did your children who developed the symptoms also has pain in their joints as well?
Are your joints swollen and tender to touch?
Have you or your children developed any rash on any part of the body?
Have you had any fever along with these symptoms?

Please let me know.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My oldest who is 8 said no, my 6 year old said his neck "kinda hurt" and my 4 year old said yes but don't know about that.

The bone that stands out on my wrist is tender to touch but it really doesn't hurt to touch my finger joints, knees, etc, just when I bend them does it hurt. It's like I have no strength in my wrists.

My children had a fever the first day and I could have had a mild fever but I'm lowest on the totem pole when everyone is sick so I never took my temp. I did have a rash break out (small bumps) all over (probably the 2nd day of the headache) and then they went away.   My children did not break out in a rash.
Most likely it does seem to be a viral infection that you all have had. It usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks to resolve on its own. If your symptoms do not resolve in a couple of weeks time/or are getting worse as the days pass on... then you would certainly need to contact your doctor for further evaluation.. As of now you can continue taking pain killers for symptomatic relief.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it's normal for a virus to get into my joints like this?
certain viruses such as the parvovirus can affect the joints as well... and it can cause a rash as well on the body... this virus causes joint pain more commonly in adults than in children..

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