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I heard a healthy way to disinfect countertops is to use a

Resolved Question:

I heard a healthy way to disinfect countertops is to use a sprayer filled with hydrogen peroxide and another with vinegar. Is this safer than bleach? or is it a cacinogenic? I have children and am looking for a better way to clean but natural cleaners don''t kill ecoli or saminella
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lani, BSN, RN replied 9 years ago.


Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar ingredients are said to be completely nontoxic and was actually developed by a food scientist to disinfect fruits and vegetables. It has been used in sanitizing and counterboards and food preparation surfaces.

Hydrogen peroxide is also said to be much safer than bleach. According to some studies, it produced carcinogenic effects on mice but at a lesser concentration, it is less likely to cause carcinogenic effects on humans but can be potentially carcinogenic based on the fact that it showed carcinogenic effect on animal.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
is it non toxi or carcinogenic. Is it safe to use? You said they use it on fruit but then you said it is carcinogenic? Still confused.
Expert:  Lani, BSN, RN replied 9 years ago.


As mentioned in different literaturws, at a lower concentration(3% ) it safer to use than the bleach. Mixing it with a vinegar as a sanitizer is increasing its popularity as well.

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