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Family Physician
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I have pain under my knee cap and there is noway that i

Customer Question

i have pain under my knee cap and there is noway that i could put my hand on it to reduce the pain, i took vicodeen but it did not ease the pain, a friend of mine gave me a small blue pill that i read the name on the bottle and it was oxycodone and it eased the pain now i would like to know if that pain killer is o.k. or not? please adwise me about this and tell me how could i get such pain killer?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Family Physician replied 9 years ago.
The medication that you describe (oxycodone) is a potent narcotic (opioid) pain medication. This is a controlled substance. It is NOT legal to obtain this medication without being examined by the doctor who is going to prescribe this medication.

You would need to see a local physician to get a prescription for this medication.

Without knowing the cause of this pain, it would really not be appropriate to be taking this medication (which can cause addiction problems). You need to be examined by a doctor to determine the cause of the pain. By treating the underlying cause, the pain will likely improve to the point that you would not need to take this medication.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
dear doc; thank you for your answer, do now that my friend just gave me two of this pill but it worked so well that i had to ask you about it.
by the way i did click on accept hopefuly you would get fees for your concerned answer.
thank you
Expert:  Family Physician replied 9 years ago.
Unfortunately, the system is not showing you having accepted this answer. If you are having trouble, you can contact customer service***@******.*** by Email.

After you see a physician - hopefully they will identify the cause and be able to treat this successfully.

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