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My roommate is 23 years old shes an alcoholic just recent ...

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My roommate is 23 years old shes an alcoholic just recent she switched from drinking beer to drinking vodka. With beer she would swell up around her stomach alot and puke too often. But, like here within the last few weeks she drank 2 fridays ago the vodka stuff she started burping weird alot and puking like crazy ... I mean she was still puking a day after drinking. She continued to puke all week on and off after eating primarily. She cannot seem to eat she tried pepto bismol and puked it out within minutes. She says the pain seems to come from the bottom on up into her stomach. She wakes up out of a dead sleep and will go and throw up. Her stools seem too be loose all the time.. Which I dont think is normal either and dark. She says sometimes there will be streaks of blood in her vomit/bms. I dont know what to tell her but ever since that drinking 2 fridays ago she wont drink because of the sickness stuff what could this be and she cant eat very well.. SHE STILL PUKES. what to do?
She needs to be examined by a physician. She is having abdominal pain, blood in the stomach and persistent vomiting.

This is the only way that a proper diagnosis and treatment plan may be determined.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
For verification ..
Shes fine when she doesnt eat.. No diaherea or upset stomach shes now not had a bm in two days. She drinks water now can keep down liquids... she said she ate friday okay, today she ate only once and held it it seems in her stomach for hrs until she woke up in extreme pain layed there for minutes and had to get up and puked very loud. Pain comes and goes from the bottom of stomach and goes up. She says it feels like her stomach is going in circles. No temp so far. Shes feels fine right now she puked within 1 hr ago ate though at 8 pm held the food for 4 hrs .. Can this wait for a drs visit or er is nessecary? Have to work in am. Like I said she feels okay now until she eats or digestion occurs
She could have a number of serious medical conditions causing this including gastritis, an ulcer, or pancreatitis to name a few.


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