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I have not had a menstrual cycle since April of 2004. At ...

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I have not had a menstrual cycle since April of 2004. At first there was not much concern because I was pregnant with my first child. I nursed him until he was 6 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. My second child was born may of 2006 a few months later I went on depo provera I took it three times the last being august of 07. I still have not had a cycle. My doctor tested my estrogen and thyroid which came back negative. She also put me on prometrium to induce a cycle, I finished last Monday and still have not gotten a cycle or any cramping bloating...anything to suggest I am soon to start one. How long should i wait before returning to the doctor if one does not start, and if one does not what could be the possible reason for my problem?

After taking the prometrium for ten days I would normally expect you to have seen a period over the last couple of days.

If you do not get a bleed by the next 72 hours then make an appointment to see your Gyn. You will need to have an ultrasound to look at thickness of uterus lining, and also state of ovaries. Taking Depo provera can often result in absent periods for up to 12 months after stopping, so I would not be too worried just yet. The effect of the depo is to suppress your natural cycle and this means that you would not ovulate and therefore no period. Have your doctor run tests on FSH and LH although they may not provide any more definite answers at the moment.

The fact that you have been pregnant means that this is less likley to be ovarian failure, and should return with time. Taking a combination birth control may cause a cycle to restart so may be an option to discuss with your doctor.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for your answer I will be sure to follow your advice
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
one more quick question what is a FSH and LH test for

FSH and LH are hormones involved in the menstrual feedback cycle. If the levels are very abnormal then it can indicate premature menopause, but with the history of depo provera use then I'm not sure that the results will be reliable at the moment. The ultrasound examination will be a much more useful test.



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