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Beta-blockers in the diabetic I am diabetic and have high bp

Resolved Question:

beta-blockers in the diabetic I am diabetic and have high bp I was taking benicar for high bp but now bp is high the doc recomended starting toprol he is also the diabetes care person My dose was100 mg but is now 200 mg befor i even took the 100 mg so my question I have heard that beta-blockers are not good for diabetics because they can effect lipid levels and mask low sugar or change sugar levels Is toprol considered a good choice in diabetics or is the goal to lower pressure with those benifts outwaying the risks          also my husband has high bp along with his diates and was prescribed toprol as the first medication doctor said tht as soon as he stabelizes his bp that an ace inhibitor will be started my question the doc said that if the patient had high sugar and one othr factor that ace inhibitors should be used also is this a typical course of treatments
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoctorS replied 9 years ago.


Beta blockers have been shown to have long term incidence of sugar control issues, however they have been definitely shown to reduce mortality due to coronary artery disease and therefore it is very important that diabetics with hypertension remain on a drug such as toprol XL. ACE inhibitors are equally important to remain on for protection of the kidneys due to diabetic kidney disease. Therefore, taking both Toprol XL and an ace inhibitor are the standard of care for both blood pressure control as well as the added benefits of mortality reduction and kidney protections.

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