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Dr. Zia
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I am female, 53 and in good health, average weight, active

Resolved Question:

I am female, 53 and in good health, average weight, active non smoker and non drinker. i recently have had irregular heart beat and shortness of breath. I have experienced 2 episodes of feeling presure in my uper chest and jaw. I have had a nuclear stress teat tha showed some irregularities in the eeg portion. Yesterday I had a heart cath and it was normal with the exception of some slight weakness in one of the heart walls. What could be causing the symptoms?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Zia replied 9 years ago.
Hi there,

It is good to know that your heart is ok and not the cause of your symptoms which is always the first cause of concern when one has such symptoms. After a heart problem has been ruled out the next thing that is often considered as a cause of this is that it could be as a result of anxiety and stress. People who are stressed out or anxious can sometimes have irregular heart beats and shortness of breath. Since you did not have any such episodes again ... plus a heart problem has also been ruled out by doing the best possible tests ... I would not worry a great deal...

Kindest Regards
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Physician's Post: I don't feel stressed or anxious. I do continue to have the episodes of shortness of breath and irregular heart beat. I am using an event monitor for the next month. I have the "spells" randomly,sometimes I am not doing anything and others I am doing routine everyday tasks such as going up stairs or loading the dishwasher. Along with the shortness of breath I also feel a fullness under my ribcage.
Expert:  Dr. Zia replied 9 years ago.
Irregular heart beats can also occur for no reason at all and after a heart condition has been ruled out... they are usually not dangerous.... they might represent premature ventricular contractions (PVCs)... which in the vast majority of the cases with a normal heart are not dangerous.... You certainly would need a Holter monitor (which is a small machine that monitors and records heart activitiy over a periods of 24 hours) to know exactly when you have these irregular heart beats, to determine its pattern and type. I think that you should also have a routine blood workup done as well including complete blood count, renal function test, serum electrolytes and liver function test (if you have not had all these done already).

KIndest Regards
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