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Dr. Scott W
Dr. Scott W, Physician (MD)
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Experience:  Practicing Emergency Physician in Houston, Texas. I would be happy to answer any question!!
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Diesel gas fell on my leg and I kept on working and took my

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Diesel gas fell on my leg and I kept on working and took my jeans off 12 hours is so red now and I dont know what to put on it...please help


This is not technically a burn, but a severe irritation of the skin, known as a contact dermatitis. You should remove all clothing and flush the skin with cool water and soap for at least 20 minutes. Was all clothing several times before wearing again. If the skin is painful, you can try over the counter remedies made for sunburns, such as aloe vera lotion.

If the wound blisters, the pain is severe, or you develop signs of infection, you should head to your physician.

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Thanks and good luck!

-Dr. Scott W, MD

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