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Lani, BSN, RN
Lani, BSN, RN, Nurse
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My husband worked in an aluminum, metal product environment

Resolved Question:

My husband worked in an aluminum, metal product environment for 35 years. He recently has developed a dementia/memory concern. We are currently working with a Neurologist but wonder if his exposure to these above metals over many years could possibly attribute to memory loss. Is there suggested blood testing that could help define these levels? He also had exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. Any help would be appreciated.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Lani, BSN, RN replied 9 years ago.

Hello Willia,

May I know how old is your husband?

How extensive is his memory loss?

Does he has any other known medical illness?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Lani, BSN,RN's Post: He is 62. He is still working and driving but exhibiting memory loss. Both short term and long term. Difficult pulling names. Problems with sentences at times. Primarily has trouble with numbers and logic. NOT putting objects in strange places, NOT losing his way. NO issue identifying family, etc. Has had MRI for possible TIA, etc. results negative
I am not convinced that there may be additional unlying causes. He is on Plavix, zetia, and Provachol as well as the aricept and namendia.
Expert:  Lani, BSN, RN replied 9 years ago.

Hello willia,

Presence of any heavy metals in the body can be tested in laboratory. Aluminum levels can be tested in blood, urine, hair and fingernails, and feces. The hair test may provide hair levels that reflect past or chronic exposure to aluminum.

I hope the alteration of his memory is not age related. It could be due to Alzheimer's but it could also be due to any other causes.

Anyway just to let you know the close association of aluminum exposure to Alzheimer's disease. "Alzheimer's disease is related to the accumulation of a substance called "beta amyloid" in the brain. This is often seen in combination with exposure to aluminum or other toxic metals." For more information, visit this link:

Take care and good luck!

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