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How should I wait before seeking a 2nd opinion? My wife had

Resolved Question:

How long should I wait before seeking a 2nd opinion? My wife had roux-en-y gastric bypass on 11-14-07 and syill can''t eat or drink due to nausea and vimiting. She has had a PIIC line for TPN for over 4 mounths and is still weak and gets dehydrated regularly resulting in 5 hospital stays of 11 to 12 days each. Her last hospitalization was from 04-12-08 to04-28-08 because of a 102.7 temperature,pnemonia,blood pressure of 70 over 30 and blood infection. She has been home 3 days and is rapidly going downhill again. She has en endoscopy procedure scheduled on 05-02-08 to dialate the esophsgus (usually done every 2 weeks) and a follow-up with her surgeon on 05-08-08. She is very depressed and discouraged. Should we seek another opinion and would the MAYO Clinic be an obtainable choice. Thank You , Joe Maupin,Lansing,Mi.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 9 years ago.
I honestly would recommend that you seek a second opinion especially since this has been ongoing for so long and with her having a PIIC line in for that amount of time and infection returning it would be wise to also have her seen by an Infectious Disease Specialist who can send her bloodwork off to one of the high rate Labs such as the Jewish Lab in Tennessee so they can determine if she has become immmune to the antibiotics they are treated her with and which ones she tests most sensitive to to best treat her. I do highly recommend the Mayo Clinic if you are near one as they do wonderful work and have highly skilled doctors that can better treat her condition. With her becoming depressed and discouraged that can also lead to stress which can work against infection as well and prevent healing. While you are waiting for her follow-up appointment since she is still going downhill I would not recommend waiting before getting a second opinion arranged as soon as possible.
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