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Experience:  I have been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, practicing as a school RN, now in an OB/GYN office
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I had a routine PAP test recently and it showed HPV. I

Resolved Question:

I had a routine PAP test recently and it showed HPV. I understand that HPV is contracted through intercourse. However, I have only been with two men my entire life. One was my ex who I was married to for 10 years (we are divorced for 15 years). Then for the last 14 years with my current spouse. Am I to assume that my spouse is having an elicit affair?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Rylee-RN,CNM replied 9 years ago.

Hello there,

The HPV virus can remain dormant in your body for years. You may have contracted it a long time ago and were not aware, or your husband may have contracted it a long time ago as well. It can take many years after infection with the virus to present the first flare up. This virus can also be spread by having oral sex with someone who has a cold sore. If your spouse has had a cold sore, or even the virus that causes cold sores, and performed oral sex on you, you may have then contracted the HPV virus this way as well. So although an affair is possible, it is definitely not the only option, and your husband should be tested as well. Thank you, ***** *****!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Rylee-RN,CNM's Post: Why should he be tested?

I am not sure whether you are familiar with the practice of Mikveh. I am an orthodox jew and I go to Mikveh (Ritual Bath) could this virus be picked that way. Say if another woman who had the HPV virus entered the ritual bath prior to me?
Expert:  Rylee-RN,CNM replied 9 years ago.

Hello Again,

I want to correct my first post. This is not related to the virus that causes cold sores! I was describing HSV. The rest of the post is correct however. So please note you CAN NOT get this HPV virus by kissing!! It is contracted through sexual contact, and can remain dormant for years.

The reason your husband should be tested is because HPV is a virus that causes genital warts, and he may have it as well. If he does not already have it, you can take preventative measures to make sure he does not get it. It is also a virus that causes cervical cancer in women, so should be closely monitored by your doctor. I am not familiar with Mikveh, but this virus is not spread through water, only genital or anal sexual contact. Thank you.

Expert:  Rylee-RN,CNM replied 9 years ago.

Here is a link from the CDC to verify my information. Thank you! Have a great day!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Rylee-RN,CNM's Post: I am trying very hard to understand/justify how I get HPV and therefore am asking one more question. I had surgery a myomectomy in 1998 and bled heavily and received 2 pints of blood during the operation and another 2 after. I know you said that only through sexual contact can this disease be acquired. But I still must ask could blood transfusions cause the HPV virus?
Expert:  Rylee-RN,CNM replied 9 years ago.
That is perfectly ok, as I understand you are very concerned. HPV is NOT a blood borne-illness, and transfusions are not responsible for causing HPV. You may have had this virus in your body for years, and just did not know it. You could have gotten it also from a ex-husband, or current husband who does not realize he has it. Men usually do not exhibit many symptoms except the actual warts caused by this, and sometimes they have NO symptoms whatsoever. This virus is not blood borne, and people can even still donate blood when they have this virus. Thank you.