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Cheryl K.
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My daughter who is 28 wakes up in the morning with bruising ...

Resolved Question:

My daughter who is 28 wakes up in the morning with bruising at the outside edge of her eyes. Usually one eye at a time (not in the same night). She has sustained no injury. What could this be from?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 9 years ago.
Does the bruising only occur around her eyes or does she tend to bruise easily throughout her body? This will allow me to be of better help to you, thank you.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Only around her eyes. It has happened twice, once on each eye at the outer edge. Almost looks like eye shadow with a swoosh. No pain, no swelling.
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 9 years ago.
I am not sure how long it has been since she had a dental check but it is possible that this could be caused from TMJ which can occur at any time so I do feel that she should be seen for a check-up. Also this can occur from low iron so if she is not taking an Iron Supplimate 325 mg twice daily I would recommend that she start on those right away as well. Anytime a bruise lingers then it is important that it be checked immediately but if hers is fading not long after they appear then the best possible causes could be that she has developed TMP and the pressure on her jaw bone is causing the bruising or that she is developing low iron and needs a daily suppliment so those are the directions I would recommend that she take.
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