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Cheryl K.
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Yesterday I saw my orthopedist and he took an exray of my ...

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Yesterday I saw my orthopedist and he took an exray of my back then told me I have alot of osteoarthritis. Now he suggests I get an EMG. My question is my balance is off also my arms are hard to lift. Do you think this is from the arthritis, disks or stenosis. How can I live a productive life when these things such as pain also weakness keep occuring. I just want to get this under control. What options should I consider.
The off balance issue does not sound related to the osteoarthritis and the fact they want you to have an EMG could suggest that this is more the stenosis then from osteosrthritis. But the arm lifting issue would most likely be caused by the osteoarthritis. If this has been going on for some time with your pain and it is not able to be kept under control with the pain medications they have been giving you and has become chronic my best advice would be to consider seeing a pain management specialist who can work with you at finding the best medication regiments to keep your pain at a minimum. I would also recommend that you consider starting an all natural medication such as Move Free which helps to add moisture and stability to your joints and has been working well for so many people with osteoarthritis long term. You might also want to talk with your physician about a six-week course of physical rehabilitation so they can teach you many excercises that can help to keep proper range of motion in your arms to lessen your level of pain as well.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Do you think arthritis will worsen with age? Also once a surgeon suggested I have my spine filed to make room for the nerves so maybe this is why they do the EMG! Is this a painful procedure?
Yes sorry to say that with most cases it will worsen with age but with the Move Free it can lessen the chances of this happening sooner. The spinal filing can be a painful procedure but most patients do recover relatively quickly and they will make sure while you are in the hospital that they keep your pain under control and send you home with the proper pain medication to help minimize your discomfort as well. From the years I have worked in the medical field I have seen most patients recover and be in minimal pain within two weeks and yes if your surgeon feels that nerves could be inflammed this is most likely why they ordered the EMG.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is this surgical procedure necessary or could I get away without it? Could it make me worse? Do you think I am in very bad shape health wise with all of this?
I feel before you go through with this type of surgery your best bet would be to consult with a pain management specialist and also try the Move-Free as it has wonderful results and you may find that it will allow you to keep your pain under control without surgery. When it comes to spinal surgery that should always be a last resort since the spine is such a sensitive area and has many more risks. I honestly would consider following the instructions I have given you before considering spinal surgery and also ask your physician for a prescription for Neurontin which targets nerve pain and is a wonderful medication and can also possibly allow you to avoid having to have spine surgery.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
With spinal stenosis will i become wheelchair bound or have permanent nerve damage.
It really depends on the individual to be honest, some have it worse than others, but with taking the suppliments and the Neurontin it would better your chances of this not occuring. If it were to come to that degree of damage then the surgery would have a good chance of keeping you from becoming wheelchair bound. It is far more common when the degree of the stenosis is worse for this to occur so this is something you should discuss wit your physician who has read the report from the EMG they did and that would be able to help you to decide whether surgery would be an option to prevent this from occuring. Of course as you continue to age there would still be a chance that you would have to have a need for a wheelchair but not have to use it all the time, just during times when you would be on your feet for long periods of time.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Where do I get move free? Also when I have clumsyness will this damage the nerves. Thankyou!
You can find this at any wal-mart and I have noticed specials there for buy one bottle get one free as well as at Walgreens also. My husband takes it daily as he suffers from Osteoarthritis and also had a full knee replacement and it has made so much of a difference in him and it is all natural so it will not affect any medications you may take. Now yes the clumbsiness can hurt the nerves if you were to fall or if it occured from pain or numbness you are experiencing in your nerves which is why I feel you should ask your physician for a prescription for neurontin as this helps so much with targeting nerve pain and if any of your clumbsiness is occuring from nerve problems this could help to minimize chances of further damaging them. And you are so very welcome for my help.