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lots of fruits, grains, vegies, and fiber and to eat less fast food

Customer Question

My husband whom is a type two diabetic is veri nervous I have tried to calm his anxiety about living with the disease He is not significantly overweight but got the disease from genetics I had explained to him that following a diabetes diet does not mean the end of good eating that a diabetes diet would be almost like a diet every person should eat including lots of fruits, grains, vegies, and fiber and to eat less fast food or make healthier choices Was I corect in telling him this           last question his father is at a residential obesity chlinic at brookhaven wich emphasizes diet and excercise When someone is loosing wieght for morbid obesity through diet and excercis is ther diet different from a healthy diet or are they told just to eat lots of grains, fruits, and vegies while cutting calories
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.

You are absolutely right in thinking that a diabetic diet is much like a normal diet minus the fast foods, high sugar & high calorie items. Have a look at the diabetic food pyramid of american diabetes association. Its much like what we eat everyday minus the nhealthy stuff.

A healthy diet provides adequate calories whereas the weight-loss diets are low on calories. Different diet plans use different combinations of food items & most would stress on as you say lots of grains, fruits, and vegies while cutting calories.

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