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A week ago I started coming down with what I believed was a ...

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A week ago I started coming down with what I believed was a cold. I had a slight headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, and cough. All the symptoms have gone away but one, my cough. This is a weird cough as I have no pain anywhere. It feels like something tickling me in my throat very deep down. It also comes across as a feeling of having to clear my throat too. There is very little mucus and it was clear. Ive tried cough drops, cold medicine to no avail. This cough is constant, and I feel like I'm coughing every 30 seconds. Ive been hoping this would go away but it hasnt and shows no signs of slowing down. Do you have any ideas what this could be? Is there a chance this is a sign of something serious? Im not in any pain but coughing every 30 seconds is becoming annoying and taxing on my body.

I understand your concern.

It is very difficult to bear with it if you have to cough every 30 seconds.
It is nonproductive cough due to irritation.
After acute viral infection it may take time for cough to subsides, or there may be bacterial super infection. As you are not having expectoration of the sputum, there may not be any bacterial infection.
If you did not use yet, you have to take cough suppressant with combination of Dextromethorphan, Pseudoephidrine preparations like Benylin Cough suppressant or Actifed etc.
If it does not help you may have to contact your doctor for examination and evaluation.

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Thank you.

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