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how do i prove a puppy i sold did not get parvo here

Customer Question

i do not have parvo and have other littermates that are fine and the other littermates that went to other homes are fine. i also had another litter 2 weeks younger and all of them are fine as well as a three week old litter. the two older litters played with each other and only one pup 7 days after leaving and being vaccinated on the day it left is diagnosed with parvo. it was also diagnosed with giardia which did come from here but they were given flagyl and the owners said they were not upset over that as they know it is common in pups. i am anal about vaccinations and make everyone step in bleach solution before coming on the property. they want a full refund on the pup and keep the pup which they say is beautiful and she is and well bred too. i normally only have a litter at a time but wanted to prove a new male so hence the other litters. i am licensed and have an A rating for over 10 years consistantly and everyone else with pups are happy. any thoughts?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 9 years ago.
I would recommend getting your vaccination records for all the puppies from that litter to show that they were all vaccinated and also that none showed that they were diagnosed with parvo.Also if they want to keep the puppy I hope that you did have them sign a contract as it is very unlikely that only one out of the litter would contract parvo with the fact that all of your other puppies have been around that puppy and do not have parvo and your veterinarian should be willing to verify that. It is not common for a seller to allow a customer to keep a puppy and also be responsible for the vet bills as well and I feel if you get the vaccinations and a statement from your veterinarian that this can help to show proof that the puppy did not contract parvo from your residence. It only takes one day for a puppy that young with a low resistance level to come into contact with an animal in their yard and contract it so chances are higher it could have been contracted after leaving your home.If they kept her for three days after finding out the diagnosis then that should cover you as far as the expenses they out out and out them on their responsibility but most importantly get those vet records to show they were vaccinated and all other puppies and the mother and father do not have parvo and that would greatly protect you. The fact they want to keep the puppy after the puppy being diagnosed with parvo makes me suspicious that they are trying to get money out of you and I would stand my ground on not paying their vet bills as with most contracts a purchaser has 48 hours to return the puppy and ask for a refund which they did not and when they do try to get vet bills paid they do not get to keep the puppy and this is what you need to stress to them. Thank you for requesting me and do let me know if you have any other questions.