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My uncle fifty nine years old was rushed to the hospital

Customer Question

My uncle fifty nine years old was rushed to the hospital four weeks ago after suffering a cardiac arrest The dr. used several terms to describe his condition including overt heart failure or cardiogenic shock. They had to fight to keep him alive for five days and he was placed on the medications toprol-xl, and lasics He was still ill so altace digoxin and aldacton were added He was released two weeks ago and given a prescribtion for bi-dill I am just wondering why must all of these medicines need to be prescribed and how long he may have to take him The dr. thinks that the cause of this condition was chronic drug use cocine wich he quit six years ago along with veri high bp
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 9 years ago.

Hello there outlaw

what you have to understand is that the heart failure is not a temporary thing. He has irreversible permanent damage and all these medicines help to compensate for issues he has. For instance, digoxin helps the heart pump more effectively, toprol helps control the heart rate, which in turns helps the heart get proper blood flow, lasix, altace both help to lower the blood pressure and reduce overall fluid load which the heart has to pump. Overall, the heart is compromised and these meds help it work more efficiently. He needs to be on the medicines indefinitely, Regards *****

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

I understand your answer but I think i sent sort of the wrong question my concern was the toprol-xl I had heard that this drug was not suppose to be used during cardiogenic shock or overt heart failure or is it that in general that these patients need to be monitored a lot first and that toprol is ok once the patients out of the range he will crash any moment in other words are the beta-blocker toprol contraindicated in these situations or does the patient just have to be watched until stabelizing Also with dosing time he takes his toprol, and digoxin along with his digoxin and lasics in the morning is the appropriate dosing time the toprol is 100 mg

Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 9 years ago.
I can not comment on the appropriate dose, but that is a typical dose. The classic literature (and common sense about cardiac physiology) states that beta blockers should theoretically reduce cardiac function, however it was found in studies that even in overt CHF (heart failure), beta blockers do play a beneficial role, so yes, he may benefit from long term use of this medicine. Regards