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This child that i am concerned about has had a terrible life

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this child that i am concerned about has had a terrible life when his mother was pregnant she drank smoked drugs and he was premature.he was raised in an abusive home til about a year ago.his father and sister had come to live with my husband and i. i noticed behavioral problems with him right way i noticed he was depressed had bowel problems to the point where he would rarely go he is self abusive to himself to the point were i fear for his life ive mentioned to his father several times to get him help tonight he had slammes his head into a cement block and was repeatedly banging his head into the wall and was clawing ant his face. i am a recovery specialist for the mentally ill and i see a very hard life ahead of him if help isnt gotten for him what should i do and should i be concerned


Thank you for asking your question on Justanswer.

An evaluation with a developmental psychologist would be a good starting point, if he has not had this type of examination before, it would help distinguish what part of his behavior might be neurological, and what part behavioral. Developmental psychologist are often affiliated with Universties. If you would like to tell me where you are located I can help you see what is available in your are.

It sounds like the dad may need some suggestions as well.

Of course a pediatrician or a child psychologist could be of help with prescribing medications to control some of his actions. If necessary this would be your short term solution.

Of course, as you well know, love,care and good intentions are always helpful, but sometimes will only go so far when an individual has severe damage.

This links to a page about attachment disorder which is another name for describing the results of early abuse. It does speak of the ways of mending a child with attachment disorder, which may provide you and the father some help.T(here are other pages on this web site that might be of interest as well):

This site regards ***** ***** are self abusive:

If you need help with referal or have additional questions on this subject, don't hesitate to write me back on a reply.

Thank you and good luck,


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