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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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I''m a 23/f. I have a sore throat, red bumps in the

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Hello i''m a 23/f. I have a sore throat, red bumps in the back(small) i dont have tonsils or adnoids but there is abit of yellow looking color at the back top of my mouth. I also have a sore(looks like thin yellow tiny line)at the back of my mouth between my upper molars gum and my check, at the top i guess, its right under my jaw bone and its how i knew i had the sore because i noticed jaw pain when i touched my face. jaw very painful when i touch inside of mouth. I also feel like i have a congested chest, tight, with nothing coming up, no cough, my neck is stiff with tender maybe swollen lymps, i also just developed a sty on my eye.

Little to no sleep and extreme stress due to being behind in school because i ahd to leave the state for a week (3 weeks ago)because of the suicide of my best friend)I also have anxiety problems, so i''m wondering if this is just psychosymatic or if i have some sort of disease? i have no insurance i am. thank you so much any advice or info b Gr


Stress can certainly make your immune system a little weaker and make it easier for an infection to set in.

Your description of yellow dischare in your throat is more likely to be from a bacterial infection. Swollen lymph nodes or tender glands are common in strep throat.

Have you noticed if you have had a fever?

If a sore throat is viral the recommendation is to drink lots of fluids (llike water and diluted juices), rest, take ibuprophen or acetaminophen for discomfort. Those interventions are also good if it is a bacterial infection. Warm salt water rinses and gargle can help remove any mucous and discharge and also be soothing to the area

Because you have some symptoms of strep throat (tender glands, yellow discharge, but you didn't mention a fever, which is another sign) must get in and have a culture done and probably take antibiotics. It is so important to do this because if it is strep it can get into you blood stream causing rheumatic fever which has a side effect of damaging your heart valves.

You said you are without insurance. Unfortunately so are a lot of people. But that's another issue. I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but at some CVS's they have what is called a "minute clinic". They are staffed by Nurse Practitioners and I believe they treat things like strep throat as well as giving flu vaccines for a reasonable price. Urgent care cllinics are more expensive but are not as expensive as going in to the ER.

It souds like you are on the right tract with the extra water and vitamin C. I personally have not heard about grapefurit seed extract's usefulness in sore throat. And unfortunatelly, for you finances this is a case where you may need antibiotics. Although one of the best medications for treating this is penicillin, and it is inexpensive. Telll the Health Practitioner that you are on a budget so that they can prescribe a generic or less expensive medication.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That must be devastating.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to write back.

Take care, Susan

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I said i noticed a bit of a color change yellowish color. Its not strep throat i';ve had that and know the symptoms. i have bno discharge or phlem that i have seen i probably do in my chest because that the tuightness i feel, you didnt address my issue with the sore in my moth causing pain in my jaw, or my chest symptoms, i'm dissapointed with the answer!

You said you had yellow in your throat. What else can that be but bacteria? That is the highest priority for you to get taken care of. It sounds like you have several things going on. You need to get into a health care provider with all these symptoms. It's hard to tell about the sore, could it have been caused by trauma while eating something? What do you think? You say that it is in a line, which dosn't much sound like a canker sore but it could be. If you like I can send you information on taking care of that. But since you are already unhappy i won't do it unless this is something that you request. You treat chest congestion also with rest, drinking plenty of fluids so any congestion will begin to loosen and you will be able to cough it out. Steaming up the bathroom, by turning on warm water and closing the door can help assit the breathing. Do you have a fever? You never mentioned if you did or not. Your immunity is down, your body is tired. You need to pamper it. Styes can be viral, but usually bacterial. Often when you have chest congestion, it starts out like this, until the congestion begins to loosen.

If you have questions, you can continue to ask. This is not a set up where you just have one chance.

Another thing -- don't blame me! you have alot of stuff going on!..but the sore that you have in your mouth, if the lymph nodes are the ones that drain that area, it could indicate that you have a bacterial infection in there somehow. Especially with the jaw being painful. Additionally, of course you may not have strep, but it dosn't necessarily feel the same each time. Take care, Susan

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No I haven't had any fevers. It just seems like all thses symptoms are really odd together. i'm wondering if i have some sort of disease or autoimmune something. I have more symptoms i couldnt fit on the list, i just put the biggest ones because i wasnt aware i could actually talk to you after the answer these are the other symptoms

I almost never break out and i have been breaking out on my face a lot, my face seems much oiler. They are pimples that dont actually have any head, they sort of just go away. I have never had pimples on my back or shouylders before and when i started to get these symptoms i got two on each shoulder, they have been there for about a week.

I was worried these and the one ones on my face were MRSA but they arent getting any bigger, jusrt not going away. I put hydrogen peroxide on them with a q-tip just in case(i would have written all these but you get a limited amount of charcaters)

I'm really worried the sore thing might be a possible tooth something or other, my teeth dont hurt at all but that sore thing is in my mouth(the part of the gum/cheek that connect to the jaw in the above the top molars), my jaw feels swollen and is very tender when i touch it (the jaw bone from inside my mouth is swollen,but not visibly from my face)

Is it possible that my jaw bone has an infection making me have the chest tightness, swollen lympsh in neck and red lumps on my throat?
i dont know if this is connecet at all but my ankle in the last 3 days has been hurting off and on for no good reason and i get a pain in my thigh sometimes out of nowhere,
another odd symptom: the first symptom i got, before the throat or mouth sore was my chest(the skin) felt very very hot like it was burning, i'm not sure if the actual temp of my skin was hot but that was the feeling, like my skin was on fire, i thought it might just have been an anxiety thing? It happened the night before the sore throat but the pimples were there. Anyways
Thabk you for your help i will do the accept thing and make sure you get paid no matter what, i'll just wait for the respone, because i assume i cant speak to you once i pay?

Thanks agian

Yes, with all of this you must feel awful. I hope you have someone around to bring you some chicken soup (the steam can help with loosening nasal congestion, but I don't think you have that).

I believe these are connected in that when you are stressed, and especially not sleeping your body runs out of the endorphins, adrenalin, and cortisol and also your body isn't getting any time to rest and repair itself. Which is why sleep is so important. This has been realized to be more important than realized in the past.

Acne is known to sometimes be related to stress hormones and sex hormone balance.

The jaw pain could be from several different things, and is hard to tell without exam of the mouth and jaw, and possibly a culture of or x ray. You need labs drawn to find out basic things about what is going on. The jaw could be from a tooth ache, and even from sinus congestion, as pain can radiate there. Possibly there is an infection. If it was swollen on the outside It might be that it could have been an inflammed salivary gland.

I have never seen a jaw infection or problem leading directly to a lung infection. I can't think of any mechanism that would cause that. You have probably a viral cold or fllu coming on and at the same time some symptoms that are bacterial.

Your lymph glands are inflammed which indicates your body is try to fight off usually bacterial but possibly viral infection.

I'm not sure about the lumps in your throat. It may be that you body is in an inflammatory response, or perhaps these are lymph related.

The sleep is really important for you and to rest right now in the day. It is better to take some time off from work or school until you feel better, otherwise you may end up needing to take a lot longer time off.

You may justs need to ask your family or friends to help you out with the medical costs. If you are going to a college campus, you may want to see if they have a clinic that you could go to first.

Sorry no answer that explains it all easily. I will be interested to find out what you find out, and yes you can write back after you accept, I always keep the posts open. And there is no further cost, until maybe later on if you had something totally new.

So get some rest! I hope you are ablle to sleep.


Susan Ivy and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thats another problem, i haven't had more then 5 full nights of sleep since my friend about 3 weeks ago. I have a exam to make up tomorrow thatb i have gotten 2 extensions for because of me having to leave town, so i'll be up all night again too,
Thank you for being so kind and throw in your respose, i assume the only real answer i can get at this point is go see a doctor....
Thanks agian
have a good one
I'm not sure what you mean by "real answer" but there is only so much one can do without examining an individual and getting testing done. I really do stress the fact that you need rest. Perhaps not studying any more for it would be better than losing anymore sleep.
Susan Ivy and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i meant thorough, not throw answer. And i didnt mean any thing by "real answer" i meant more like a diagnosis, the only way to get a "real answer" like a difinitive one., would be to be seen by someone, physician, or Nurse practioner at the clinic. I meant you tole me all you could possibley know given the symptoms with out being able to examine me.
Studying however is a must(i'm sure you can relate in knowing that, cant become a CNS without a LOT of studying)
Thanks again for your help!
i hope you know see what i meant now