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Ronald E. Lemmons, M.D.
Ronald E. Lemmons, M.D., Medical Doctor
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I can''t straighten out my left leg. When I try, I get a

Customer Question

I can''t straighten out my left leg. When I try, I get a sharp pain in the back of my knee, on the left side. Is this muscular? What should I do? I can''t walk correctly, and it''s causing my whole body to be out of whack. My back hurts, my other leg hurts. Symptoms started yesterday.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Clove Gardner replied 9 years ago.

Your symptoms most probably are due to sciatica, predominantly caused by lumbar disk herniation. This is when an intervetebral disk herniates and presses the nerves for the legs. Usually the pain is sharp, and the back of the leg. The pain in the back and in the other leg makes me feel I'm right. Some other reasons can cause pain in the back of the leg, but they usually woudn't involve the back and the other leg.
What you can do is give yourself a rest for a 1-2 days in comfortable position, take some pain meds (NSAIDs or tylenol). Also call your doctor, because you may need some tests - X-ray and CTscan of the back, some blood tests in order other reasons for the pain to be rulled out, and maybe specific therapy.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Karamfil Bahchevanov's Post: I don't think this is caused by sciatica. I believe the muscle behind my knee has been pulled. The pain in my back is the result of walking so crooked because I can't straighten my leg out. The pain in my back is my middle back, defnitely muscular. Not in the sciatic area. What would you recommend for muscular problems?
Expert:  Clove Gardner replied 9 years ago.
Well, in case that back pain started after the leg pain I'd agree that muscle strain is more probable reason. In this case I'd recommend you take anti-inflamatory drugs such as ibuprofen for the pain. Other thing you can do is to give rest to your leg - avoid all activites that can bring you pain, keep your leg elevated, put some ice on it ( do not hold the ice more than 10 minutes on hour). The most important part is not to strain injured muscles.
If there's significant swelling in the area, and the your condition doesn't improve until tomorow, you should seek medical care, as there is possibility the muscle strain to be severe or there's tendon strain or tear, that need more aggresive treatment, even surgery.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I went to the doctor today, and she believes it is a Baker's cyst. Getting an ultrasound tomorrow, and seeing the orthopedic dr. next week. Sorry, your answer didn't help.
Expert:  Ronald E. Lemmons, M.D. replied 9 years ago.

HiCustomer Thanks for coming to justanswer.

From your story, I would think that your PCP is correct, but would add internal derangement. probably a minicus tear. I have a concern for one thing that you said in last post, that you are having an ultra sound of the knee tomorrow/ There's nothing wrong with an ultra sound, but in this case an orthopaedist is almost surely to want a MRI and or to do a arthogram when he/she sees you. It is my opinion that the MRI would be more valuable and cheaper in the long run. You might ask your doctor what sthinks about this as a suggestion. You definitely need to see orthopod.

If you feel this has helped you please click on Accept or get back to me if you have more questions. Good Health to you. Dr. L

Expert:  Ronald E. Lemmons, M.D. replied 9 years ago.

HiCustomer Wondering what you might have found out from

Wonder what you found out from PCP. Of course we all like to be right, but the important thing is to help you find the right answers.Good health to you. I'm still betting on a Baker's Cyst and an internal derangement of the knee