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Dr. James Schwartz
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My is kinda clear and and yellow with chunks, kinda looks

Customer Question

my cum is kinda clear and white and yellow with chunks, kinda looks like orange pulp. its been like that ever scince i was a kid.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. James Schwartz replied 9 years ago.


Normal semen can be clear, white and/or have a yellow hue. The orange pulpy appearance could be abnormal and should be evaluated by a urologist. Having said that, the fact that this has been your sperm's appearance for years (you don't mention your age, but I assume that you are no longer a kid), is at least somewhat reassuring that the cause will turn out to be benign. For example, the solids could be due simply to malfunction of the accessory organs that add liquid to the sperm to form the final product, semen. If that is the case, then it probably has little effect on your fertility. Again, a qualified urologist will be able to help you sort this out.


Dr. Schwartz