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A few days before my period i get swollen and irritated down

Resolved Question:

a few days before my period i get swollen and irritated down there, it even feels like my anal get swollen, some months are worse than others, it hurts during intercourse and it kinda feels like a yeast infection but without the "cottage cheese", after my period im fine. i have gone to see my doc and he has given me treatments for a bv and some creams. i has a pap 3 months ago and it came back normal
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 9 years ago.
What you are describing seems to be an intermittent vaginitis. If there is not much of itching and pain then it is most probably fungal vaginitis.
The swollen feeling maybe related to the hormonal changes that are associated with Pre menstrual changes.
Bacterial vaginosis maybe a possibility too,
Some of these may recur if the sex partner is not treated,
What you need to do is get your blood sugars tested (a high blood sugar levels can result in chronic infection), get a vaginal swab after 48 hours of any treatment to look for fungal or bacterial vaginitis. Also you can take a few steps-
  • keep vaginal area clean
  • wash it with plain water. donot use any soap or other chemicals
  • wear loose cotton undergarments
  • drink lots of water and take curd (casein in curd helps in treating infections)

Dr. Gupta
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