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My ex has always had this wierd reoccuring bump on her hand

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My ex has always had this wierd reoccuring bump on her hand and one of the cheeks of her butt for the last 10 years. It comes and goes depending on her stress level and her condition. She''s been hard on herself through the years. Drug and alchohol addictions and bulimia. She has stopped the drugs and bulimia but still is an alcholic. Well recently her new doctor had broke it open to do a byopsy. He told her it was HPV of some sort. Well I was with her about 9 years ago for a short time and then again for the last 5 years. I have never had any sign of anything. Does it still mean that I have what she has. I read that a healthy immune system will usually clean up an HPV infection within 2 years then after that you will remain immune to the paticular strain. There is no test for it. Will I now have to tell every woman I''m with that I have been exposed? I want to have a kid can I? Do you think I still have it? I''m very healthy myself. I''m just about to start dating what should I do?

I understand your concerns and would like to put your mind at ease. First off, if you don't have any of the recurring "bumps" like your ex had, it is likely that you did not contract the virus she had (or at least, your immune system cleared it). Secondly, even if you had HPV, this is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. This virus does not affect your fertility and only rarely causes problems in a new born. The main concern about this virus is that certain strains can lead to genial warts while others can cause cervical cancer. This is why women should get Pap smears done on a regular basis.
Basically, even if you had HPV, you may not even have gotten it from your ex and in fact, your future partner may have it even without knowing. As long as you don't have genital warts and your future partner has regular Pap smears, there will be no problem.


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