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I take diovan 160mg for bp. Usually at night while relaxing

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I take diovan 160mg for bp. Usually at night while relaxing and lying down, my bp is normal or even below normal however, during the day at times when I take it, it tends to be quite high. Is this normal and I guess my question is, if diovan is working, why does my bp still fluctuate so much? I usually take the diovan around 9:30 in the morning...would I be better off taking it at night? Thanks

Blood pressure does vary from time of day and with activity, so we recommend that when looking for blood pressure as a measure of treatment then review at the same time of day.

Taking diovan is designed to reduce blood pressure but it is not able to give constant control as other factors such as nerve stimulation come into play. Diovan is designed to be taken once daily so taking it in the morning is fine unless you are waking up with an elevated reading, and in that case taking at bedtime may be better for you.

What is your highest daily reading when at rest (that is not after exercise or coffee)?

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
When at rest it's not usually higher than 120/75 or something in that range....I have a VERY BAD case of "white coat hypertension" and it's almost always high either at the Dr. office or when I first check it....2 weeks ago, at a Drs. appt. it was very high when the nurse took it - about 180/90.....10 minutes later after talking with my Dr. it had already dropped over 40 points....So I do tend to obsess over my bp....for info, my bottom number is ***** never over 80, regardless of the top number....thanks...and like I said, other than that, I'm in excellent health

If at rest your levels are 120/75 then the diovan is doing its job of reducing hypertension. I would stick to checking your levels once a week at the same time of day, and only look to check daily if you were feeling unwell. Unless your blood pressure were to drop to below 110/60 then I would not look to reduce the dose and at the moment as long as your rest BP is below 135/80 then there is no need to increase. And again, there is no need to change the time of day.