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26 female i''ve had tonsillites for the last two weeks. my

Customer Question

26 female i''ve had tonsillites for the last two weeks. my glands on my right side are swollen and the pain is traveling up my right side of my face and behind my right eye. i cant handle the pain anymore please help
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.
Tonsillitis that has lasted for 2 weeks needs to be evaluated by a medical practitioner.
The severe pain is another indication for evaluation. Tonsillitis can cause formation of a peri-tonsillar abscess producing severe pain. This can hapen if no treatment is taken or if the microbes are resistant to the antibiotics used.
I advise you to go to the ER for evaluation & treatment.
Treatment would involve pain killers , antibiotics & possibly surgery.
For more information, please read these-
peri-tonsillar abscess

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