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Dr. Gupta
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I''d like to know: what can be done as far as making the

Resolved Question:

I''d like to know: what can be done as far as making the eyes whitening? (not pupils, ? surrounding the pupils) Should ey drink more water? What types of foods should I eat? and is there a vitamin that could be taken to take of the brownness? Thanks!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 9 years ago.
   The eyes become yellow or less white due to chronic eye allergy, pollution etc. Sometimes it is present since birth. There is no clearcut treatment for this because the conjunctiva gets discolored. The options that you can try are-
- wearing dark glasses on going out to avoid exposure to dust etc.
- donot rub eyes even if they itch
- apply cold compresses
- take treatment for eye allergy if you have symptoms of itching, watering in the eyes.
- a good multivitamin with Vitamin A, leucine and zeaxanthine is healthy for the eye.
Dr. Gupta
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