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17 year old femail, gallbladder taken out last July did ...

Customer Question

17 year old femail, gallbladder taken out last July did ercp procedure, found gall stone put stint in, next day she has pancreatis, damage to liver, heart rate up to 146, fever and major pain in back. in hospital for 1 week. what could be cause
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DoogleNK replied 9 years ago.
The pancreatic ducts open in the base of the common bile duct near the point where CBD empties in the duodenum. During ERCP, a catheter is introduced form the endoscope into the bile ducts or the pancreatic duct & then a special dye is injected to visualise the two duct systems (bile & pancreatic) to look for stones, tumors, narrowing or any other abnormality.Any gallstones are removed by special forceps. The mouth of the sphincter that guards the opening of CBD in duodenum is enlarged for this (sphincterotomy) by using electrocautery. This could cause pancreatitis, bowel perforation & bleeding as a complication. The incidence of pancreatitis following ERCP is 3-5 %.

Pancreatitis causes pain in abdomen, increased heart rate & back pain.
The treatment of pancreatitis includes keeping nil by mouth, IV fluids for nutrition & few medications given IV & regular monitoring of the condition till the condition heals. This usually resolves in a few days.

Damage to liver is not common after ERCP & the cause needs to be ascertained by work up. Liver function tests, ultrasound of abdomen could help assess the liver condition.

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