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I was diagnosed with viral menengitus about 4 wks ago.i am

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i was diagnosed with viral menengitus about 4 wks ago.i am feeling a lot better than i was but i am still getting lots of headaches,feel like i have a raging temp but i am cold to touch,tired all the time,feeling generally unwell and can only seem to sleep for about 1 hour at a time.i am also getting waves of depression and i have always had a slight reflux but it has gotten severly worse over the last week. i cant be bothered doing anything and when i do i feel exhausted.i know it can takes weeks to recover from this but surely i should have better improvements by now?please can you advise if this is normal for the illness or if something else is going on? i really need someone to discuss this with.thanks


how was this diagnosed, and what was the treatment you received? what medicines are you currently taking?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i had a doctor do a home visit who suspected it and sent me to hospital. there they done bloods and said they were ok but they deffinatly think it is viral menengitus. they wanted to keep me in overnight and do a brain scan the next day to confirm it, and i asked if it confirms it what treatment would be needed. i was told fluids and painkillers. as i hate hospitals i decided not to have the scan done seen as how i could treat this at home, so discharged myself and have took the highest dose of codiene and paracetamol. to make sure my headaches were not worse because of taking painkillers too long i have stopped taking them but i have had no improvement.
OK, if you dont mind, i have a few more questions. What exactly were your initial symptoms? (before treatment). Do you remember if you had discomfort when flexing your neck forward? Have you had any seizures? Also, what is your height and weight? How is your vision? any blurring? Describe the headaches? where they are, frequency, duration, any nausea, vomiting?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
when it first started it felt like mild flue symptoms and i had a strange sensation at the back of my nose. the next 2 days i got more and more tired and just didnt feel right. then i had a full blown migraine but had a heavy preassure feeling at the lower back of my head and the pain was worse than the migraine. it was too painful to move my neck so i lied still as much as possible.i couldnt stand any kind of light or noise and had blurred vision and white spots in my vision. i had vomiting and really bad nausea as well as stomach cramps and a high temp. i do suffer with migrains alot and thought it was a stomach migraine and about once a year i have to call the doctor out for a pethadine injection. this time around something just wasnt right so i called the doctor out who said he suspected viral menengitus. over the next two weeks things very slowly started to improve but two weeks on from this there have been no improvements. the headaches now are pretty much constant, mainly around my forehead or the back of my head and i always feel i have eye strain. nausea has settled but still comes back at least once a day for a few hours.over the last week about every half hour i feel i am going to projectile vomit and it rushes up from my stomach but then the top valve in my easoghagus wont open to let it out and it makes a loud noise when it hits. even people around me can hear it.every now and again i get blurred vision or the white spots again that lasts no longer than an hour.i still feel exhausted and any physical exhertion wears me out.i just want to sleep but can only sleep for about 1 hour before i wake and i just go into a light sleep, never a deep sleep.i feel im burning up but cold to touch.i feel really fed up and depressed and just want to get up and do things but cant and i get to the point then when i cant be bothered if i get up or not and would rather stay in bed if i had the choice. i am about 5 foot 10 inches in height and around 175 pounds in wieght.
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions. I think at this point, I feel like you had a meningitis based on your symtoms. I may be off base, but I think you may have some underlying depression which has worsened significantly from this recent experience, and is causing some of your symptoms. I am concerned that given your headaches, nausea, blurred vision, there is something else, perhaps some fluid bulilding up in your head as a result of the meningitis. I think you need to be evaluated for your continued symptoms. I hope you find this a reasonable suggestion and see your doc tomorrow. Regards
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for being so thorough and investigating this so well given the limitations.i wish i had you as my md!!!thank you for your time and answering my question before you went offline as so many md's ask a question then disapear leaving you hanging.positive feedback has been left for you.

My pleasure, I would be happy to try to answer other questions you may have in the future, I hope you will get better soon, Sincerely