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Nurse Melissa
Nurse Melissa, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  LPN for 21 yrs, expertise in most areas, BLS certified, previous ACLS cert, prior BLS instructor
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I broke out in a red rash starting on my stomach that ...

Customer Question

I broke out in a red rash starting on my stomach that is now on my neck legs and arms. I have a sore throat also. I was tested for strep at the doctor, but they couldn''t identify the rash. It is really itchy and my mouth, tongue, are sore. What can I do??? please help.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Melissa replied 9 years ago.
HelloCustomer my name is Melissa. I would like to ask a couple of questions. You said your doctor tested for strep, was that today? It takes at least 24 hrs for a culture to start to show growth. Have you started taking any new medications, before the rash and other symptoms started? If yes what and how much, including over the counter medications or lotions and creams? Do you have a fever? Did the doctor put you on any antibiotics? Have you been exposed to anyone with similar symptoms? I will be able to give you a better answer with the above added information. Thank you for using Just Answers for your health questions.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Nurse Melissa's Post: The strip test was yesterday and he gave me an antibiotic mentioned above. No fever. He mentioned it looked like chicken pox, but I have had it already and am not sick. He said adults tend to get really sick with that. We just got back from vacation,and was wondering about bed bugs which is a random guess. I don't know why the sore throat but the bumps look similar. I am a teacher and always exposed to things, but never have I had a rash like this. I don't know if the throat and bumps are connected, and how can I take this medicine altogether without experiencing nausua.   Is one med better than the other?
Expert:  Nurse Melissa replied 9 years ago.
Hello again. The antibiotic, will help if it is something caused by bacteria, and the valtrex will cover the chicken pox if it is that. Some people do get chicken pox more than once in their life, though it is rare. Hydroxyzine is for the itching, I personally think benadryl is better for that purpose. It will make you drowsy though, so be careful if you decide to take it. Hydroxyzine may make you drowsy as well, but not as much as Benadryl will. Bed bugs is an interesting option. Please describe your rash. Is it flat, raised, red, clear, with whelts or hives. You mentioned bumps, are the bumps on your tongue, or your body, describe them if you can. Where did you go on vacation? Was it outside the USA? Is anyone else in your family experiencing anything similar to this, or anyone that with you on the trip?
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
We stayed in a condo at Angel Fire New Mexico, and my husband slept there and daughter also one night, neither of them have bumps. The bumps are on stomach(massive amount) legs, arms, and a few on the neck. None on face as of yet. They are raised, red and round mostly. No heads in the middle just red and raised. Some are splotchy, while most are small, not connected and round. My tongue has no bumps that I can see, but it feels like there might be a cankor sore somewhere in the back. It looks kind of white, but pretty normal. The bumps do seem to be multiplying, but there are only a few on my back which seems kind of weird. There are more on my legs and arms than yesterday, but they seem to be small on my neck. They look different in different places on my body. All are bright red with kind of a white around the outside not on the bump( on my legs.)
Expert:  Nurse Melissa replied 9 years ago.
I dont think it would be bed bugs, they are clear and whelt like sores. You could have been bitten by a spider, or other insect that you are having a reaction to. One thing I thought of is what about shell fish. Did you eat any, and have you ever been allergic to it before? It doesnt sound like scabies either, since they tunnel and you would see a clear path of their tunneling under the skin. What about a hot tub, did you get in a hot tub while you were there? Could you possibly have gotten into poison oak or sumac, or ivy? I know it isnt out yet here, not sure about the warmer climates though. Did you go hiking, fishing, or swimming where there could be mites, mosquitos, or black flies. Do you recall being bitten by anything?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No shellfish, hot tub, etc. We were only snow skiing, so I dont remember any insects whatsoever. I can't figure it out either, but the doctor ruled out poison ivy. why? I guess because of the looks of the bumps. I just want the bumps to go away whatever it is. They will eventually get on the face. I will keep taking the meds and hope for the best. Thank you
Expert:  Nurse Melissa replied 9 years ago.
Oops I am sorry I misread. I thought you said Angel Fire Mexico, not New Mexico. Do you want me to keep searching for something that fits. I dont mind. Hopefully the medication you were prescribed will work. I can completely understand, not wanting it on your face. Thank you again for using Just Answers for your health questions.