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Are there any ways to tell if your liver/kidneys are going

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Are there any ways to tell if your liver/kidneys are going bad without having tests performed. For instance, will there be yellowing of the eyes?   Ive been taking some serious pain medication for cancer for several years and I''m starting to worry but not enough to go have tests done. The last test I had 4 years ago said I was fine. So, can I tell by doing something at home or, what are the signs to look for?

I am sorry to hear about your condition. I would strongly suggest that you follow-up with your physician to have the necessary test performed to be certain that your kidney and liver functions are normal. However, in the meantime you can watch for jaundice in the eyes (yellow coloring of the sclera) which may indicate liver malfunctioning, also if your skin starts to turn a yellow color as well. Monitor your urine output. Are you putting out about what you are taking in. Does the urine have a foul smell, is it dark in color, is there blood in the urine, or are you not urinating as easily as you used to. Is there buring with urination. Is there any lower back pain or pain in your stomach area around the right side and under the rib cage. Monitor your weight to be certain that you are not losing weight too fast and watch for swelling in your stomach, particularly on the right side. There is just so much to watch for that it would be easier and healthier if you would have the necessary test performed. Good luck to you...

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