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My 23 year old daughter moved to Fresno (I know, bad air ...

Resolved Question:

My 23 year old daughter moved to Fresno (I know, bad air quality) in Sept. 07 and in Oct. got flu-like body ache and upper respiratory cough and cold-- it comes back, in varying degrees, every month and lasts for a few days, then goes completely away-- she has it again. It totally knocks her out to the point she misses school and work and cannot focus on homework. It always makes an appearance around the middle or towards the end of each month. No one else around her catches it. Her doctor thought perhaps it might be allergy related and prescribed Flonaise - but that has not kept her from getting sick this time. Whatever it is, it always comes on suddenly with no identifiable precursors. (She is on birthcontrol - FemconFe- but the illness does not seem to be related to her cycle.) Otherwise, she is active and in good health-- 5'8" tall and about 170 lb. Any ideas?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Clove Gardner replied 9 years ago.
Hi outofhack,
This kind of symptoms look like recurrent fever symptoms. The causes are mostly infectous - malaria, typhoid fever, brucellosis etc. and some other like Familial Mediterranean fever, Familial Mediterranean fever. Other reasons include abscesses, stomatitis. Shortly - can be caused by a myriad of things. What's more important is to find the cause. Ussually the causing agent can be isolated from blood culture during the attack.
So finding a good Infectionist for consulting is the best option (preffered). Other option is wait untill next attack and go to ER (not very good advice).
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Karamfil Bahchevanov's Post: There is no fever. I took her temp and it is 97.1-- we both have a low normal -- below 98.6. She has been to Europe (6 years ago last time), but never in the Med. And she is absolutely fine in-between these bouts. She had blood work done today. Is there anything we should ask the doctor to look for?
Expert:  Clove Gardner replied 9 years ago.
If she had rashes of any kind it will be helpfull for the doctor, if you tell him/her about.
pain in joints, swellings ot anything you can remind of is also helpfull. With a precisely taking the history and full physical, and some blood test ( including test for antigens for some diseases), your doctor should find what's wrong.
Familial Meditarenean fever is not due to going there. It's called that because it's more common there, and it's described for first time in the meditarenean. However, more probably your daughter has infectous disease, and looking for that is the first that your doctor should do.
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