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Scott, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  University of Rochester SMH 14yrs., BLS, ACLS, Intensive Care 7 yrs. - I'm here because I care.
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My husband has been dizzy all day, even while lying down. I

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My husband has been dizzy all day, even while lying down. I am wondering if there is a viral bug that would cause this as I had the same symptoms about two months ago for a complete weekend. I became so dizzy that I vomited. He feels nauseated too. Because of my prior experience, I am not rushing him to the hospital. However, I am concerned. Please advise.
HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on Just Answer. The other Experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:

-What, if any, other symptoms has he had? .. fever? headache? .. pain anywhere?
-Has he been around anyone who has been feeling the same way recently??
-What, if any , medications is he on at home? What kind of pain in stomach?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He normally takes OTC Prilosec once daily and that is all. (None today.) He has been taking an herbal colon cleanser for the past week. (He has done this several times before with no unusual occurences.) He is not on any prescription drug whatsoever. I checked his blood pressure this morning and it was high 144/94, but tonight it was 125/76. He said he feels sick to his stomach and feels like he may be getting diarreah. He hasn't eating anything or had anything to drink today other than to swallow 2 Aleve's about 5 p.m.

There has been a 48 hour virus going around that describes your husband's symptoms. It comes on fast and has a one two punch of nausea and diarreah. But without fever. It leaves almost as fast as it comes on for some reason, very self-limiting.

If you can get him to sip clears for now that would help him from not getting dehydrated. His BP being lower is a bit worrisome unless that is his normal range and the 144/94 was the aberration. Having a headache wasn't something you had, I assume anyway, so he most likely has something similar but not the same bug.

If he suddenly develops a fever with any of this I'd have him looked at right away. If he has sustained any injuries lately and not told you about them, now is the time to out them. If he had one of some sort he might be getting septic from it and that isn't good. And he most definitely would need to be seen by a Dr. tonight.

As long as you can remain supportive in your measures and see him through this for now, I'd agree with you to keep an eye on things and see if it doesn't pass shortly. If it doesn't and he develops new or worse symptoms get him to his Dr. right away. It appears you are making him as comfortable as possible. Good for you.

He is worth it and you sound pretty diligent to me. Lay off hard food but try to get some electrolyte drink like Gatorade in him. Should he start losing them with any diarrhea he will need them repleted to make sure nothing else in his system gets run down. Thanks for taking good care of him, you sound like a peach!

If this has helped you please click "Accept" for my answer. Let me know how things are going later. I hope he recovers soon. Thanks for using JustAnswer!


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Scott. I'll follow your suggestions and for the record it was nice to hear that there is a bug going around. It confirmed my suspecions. Still I'll watch him closely. His blood pressure is usually normal to high normal. I thought it was lower as he'd been lying down for 5-6 hours without moving much at all. Moving the slightest makes the room spin. I actually had the same thing but ended up with 40% loss of hearing in one ear. Went to the ER and was told it was congestion and to take a decongestant and it would be better in 3 days. It took another week for me to get home and still no improvement. Went to the ENT Dr. right away and after tests he determined that a "virus" may have attacked a nerve. Gave me prednisone and I'm waiting 8 weeks for improvement; if none, will have a MRI to see if there is a tumor. Who would have guessed???
As his symptoms are the same (I did have a headache too) I keep asking my husband..."How is your hearing?" :-))

Ok Carmen,

Sounds good. Glad you are keeping such good care of him. Also glad its not that bad flu that is going around. I've seen to many of them in our ICU this year.

As you know we husbands have "selective hearing" anyhow .. lol .. I am sure he isn't up to being so sick but I'm confident you will be there for him. I am sorry you suffered so though and on top of it had not to good experience with your local ER.

This is for you:

Viruses don't attack your hearing like that and I'm thinking you had something else going on to be sure. Something doesn't add up. An inner ear infection maybe. That would account for the "spinning" but as your hubby has it too its kind of hard to reconcile. You may well have had two different things going on just coincidental symptoms.

I surely hope there is no tumor. However I think you can rest assured that if there was you'd still be spinning. My mother had something called an accoustic neuroma in her left ear that had to be removed.She lost her hearing and balance but regained her wobble to a better walk and now performs just fine. She didn't possess any of the other symptoms you had .. I'm just shootin the breeze now .. lol ..

Good luck just the same .. take care of your man. Thanks again for using JustAnswer and if you would, please click on ther "Accept" button so I will be paid for my answer. I appreciate it. Good health to you and yours.