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Nurse Michelle, Registered Nurse
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1. Which of the following could be classified as a break in

Resolved Question:

1. Which of the following could be classified as a break in
A. A computer hacker breaking into a hospital's secured
computer system
B. Release of medical records from one hospital to another for
continued patient care
C. A hospital and physician's office sharing patient information
for treatment purposes
D. A patient discussing his or her medical record with the
correspondence manager
2. As a health information management technician, why is a
thorough understanding of medical terminology important?
A. You may be dealing with patients on a daily basis.
B. You may be analyzing medical information regularly.
C. You may be diagnosing patient illnesses.
D. You may be expected to answer medical and clinical
82 Examination
3. Career advancements in the health information technology industry are mainly based on
A. knowing other people.
B. dressing in a professional manner.
C. education and credential(s).
D. joining the American Health Information Management Association.
4. As a transcriptionist, your most important skill is
A. the ability to type quickly.
B. proficiency.
C. the ability to accurately use reference materials.
D. the ability to understand and analyze the dictation.
5. Coders play an important role in
A. reimbursement and research.
B. health record documentation.
C. managing release of patient information.
D. denying medical claims.
6. Mary's husband died from war-related injuries. Which insurance plan probably covers Mary
and her son?
A. Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (CHAMPVA)
B. Point-of-service
C. Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS)
D. Preferred provider organization
7. A database of information used for research, patient follow-up, and improving public health
programs may be a/an
A. correspondence management system. C. electronic medical record.
B. cancer registry. D. tumor board.
8. If health care costs continue to rise, insurance companies fear that
A. they'll have to offer a greater variety of insurance policies.
B. coverage for dependents under age 18 will decrease.
C. government involvement will increase on both state and federal levels.
D. consumers will be driven to competitors who can offer lower prices.
9. How are professional credentials usually maintained?
A. By completing a continuing education cycle
B. By passing an annual examination
C. By joining the professional association
D. By receiving a degree
Examination 83
10. Combining two or more segments of the industry to deliver the best care, at the most
cost-effective rate, in the best setting refers to a/an
A. health maintenance organization.
B. diagnosis-related group.
C. integrated delivery system.
D. preferred provider organization system.
11. The overall responsibility of health information management professionals is
A. accurately coding hospital records for reimbursement purposes.
B. providing more cost-effective methods for documentation.
C. ensuring the quality and accuracy of health information.
D. overseeing the medical transcription process.
12. Which acronym refers to the highest level of expertise for a tumor registrar?
13. Increasing the accessibility of patient information, reducing offsite storage costs, and freeing
up department storage space are all benefits of implementing
A. computerized medical records.
B. digital transcription systems.
C. an integrated delivery system.
D. correspondence management systems.
14. Good coding specialists share which of the following characteristics?
A. Advanced computer skills, ability to work from home, interest in specific specialty areas
of medicine
B. Good management skills, perfectionism, accounting knowledge
C. Advanced degrees, interest in confidential medical information, dedication to long
D. Attention to detail, thorough understanding of medical processes, ability to analyze
large amounts of information
15. Positive qualities and character traits that determine how you act and perform your job
refer to
A. professionalism. C. skills.
B. approachability. D. ethical behavior.
16. In managed care, all services must be
A. billed at a fee-for-service rate.
B. monitored and approved.
C. approved by the primary care physician.
D. provided by the same physician.
84 Examination
17. A new technology that will change the role of the transcriptionist is
A. speech recognition. C. personal digital assistants.
B. desktop transcription systems. D. smart cards.
18. The process of mummification was thought to help advance medicine because
A. removal of organs helped Egyptians study anatomy.
B. it allowed Egyptians to practice surgical procedures.
C. drawings were made from the internal organs.
D. it helped contain disease.
19. An organization that enhances and improves the quality of patient care through timely
information is the
A. American Association for Medical Transcription.
B. National Cancer Registrars Association.
C. Health Information and Management Systems Society.
D. American Health Information Management Association.
20. Cost, working for small companies, and unemployment are all reasons that people
A. don't have insurance.
B. must choose a primary care physician.
C. fear universal health care coverage.
D. avoid managed care plans.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Michelle replied 9 years ago.

The best answers I can give you are: 1.D 2.B 3.C 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.C 9.A 10.C 11.C 12.A 13.A 14.D 15.A 16.A 17.C 18.A 19.D 20.A

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