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TBurtonRN, Nurse
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Experience:  5 years experience as RN in critical care, neurology, and pediatrics.
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I accidentally swallowed an aluminum pull tab. I tried to ...

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I accidentally swallowed an aluminum pull tab. I tried to puke it up but nothing yet. I can''t imagine sitting in an emergency room waiting hours on end as usual to be seen and then told to go home and monitor your stool, oh yeah, here''s your $1710.98 bill. Please give me some good info on this. Thanks, John

Here's the thing, if it was sharp, then you need seen. Sharp objects or objects with jagged edges can get caught and damage tissues. Otherwise, if you can swallow both food and liquid without pain then you should be okay to call your primary care physician tomorrow. Some doctors will want an x-ray if it doesn't pass within 3 days. DO NOT TRY TO VOMIT IT UP. It could cause more damage on the way up than it would coming out the natural way. When you try food, start with bread. If it becme hung up the starches can be dissoved by enzymes normally found in saliva. If swallowed well, a normal diet is safe.

Most foreign bodies will make it to the stomach with no problem and are usually passed in a normal bm in 3-4 days. There is nothing you can or should do to hurry this process.

Again, if it was sharp then it needs seen. It would also need looked at if you can't swallow, abdominal pain, vomiting, or bloody stools occur.

I hope this helps,T

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