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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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My foreskin only retracts half way back over the head of my

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hi, my foreskin only retracts half way back over the head of my penis, i am 25 and want to start a sexual relationship but this is making me wonder if i will have problems. i encounter no pain and wash my penis regualary. will it be o.k to have sex.

I want to get some more detail information about your problem

when it becomes erect does it cause any problem?

in non erect state can you retract it fully?

Waiting for the information.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr.D. Saha's Post: hi, in its erect state there is no pain but the forskin only goes back slightly, when non erect the foreskin only retracts half way.
Thank you for the information ,

From your history it appears that the problem you are facing is a type of phimosis.
Here the foreskin cannot be retracted fully .

Usually it does not cause pain or problem if it does not go back at all . But if it goes back half way during erection then it may get obstructed & may be a painful emergency.

The definitive treatment is surgical where the foreskin is cut . Two types of operation are done -traditional Circumcision where the nearly whole foreskin is cut away or the limited operation of preputioplasty where the opening is made bigger . The latter operation is less painful & preserves the foreskin

.Several nonsurgical measures are also helpful . You may try them initially.

Application of topical steroidcream for 4-6 weeks to the narrow part of the foreskin

Stretching of the foreskin can be accomplished manually, known as the Beaugé method.where the fore skin can be streched by yourslf gradually to make the opening larger

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hi, thanks for your answer, because this does not cause me any pain at all and my penis is clean, will it be o.k to have sex or will there be any problems
Usually it does not cause any problem.

I have tried to give you full picture of the management if any problem arises.

Streching is good, you can try streching method of correction manually.

If you need further clarifications, I will be happy to explain further.

Your positive Feed back is important to me.

Thank you.
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