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Lani, BSN, RN
Lani, BSN, RN, Nurse
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My mother in law has advanced Cirrhosis with only 15% liver

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My mother in law has advanced Cirrhosis with only 15% liver function left. She got this from hepatitis and the doctor gat her a month to live. She has been in the hospital in Mexico where she lives 3 times so far this year because she is found incoherent, has memory loss and lost control of her bodily functions. They give her iv with medication for 2 days and send her home. Her children need to sleep om the floor next to her to help take care of her or they wont change her depends. She has not urinated for 3 days and has blood coming from the vagina, the doctor said to increase her water pills from 1 to 2 a day and thats it. We know she is terminal but do not feel it is correct to just let her die with out do what we can for her while she is here. Her skin has also become very thin. Do you feel that the doctors are doing all they can for her or do you feel we need to try another avenue? They said the hospital is to dangerous for her because she has no defenses.


I am sorry to hear about your mother in-laws condition.

Your mother in law is a terminal case that seems to be nothing can be done for her in terms of medical management.

Not urinating for 3 days is either a sign of organ failure or if she do not have any fluid intake, then an output cannot be expected. Water pills won't help in that situation. Bleeding she has is in association to her liver disease.

She is dying for sure and you have the right to say that you cannot just let her to die like that. At least, she has to be comfortable and all possible means should be done to let her to die in comfort. She has to be kept clean, dry and comfortable. She needs to have pain reliever if there is any pain. If she is unable to take anything orally, at least she has to be given some other sort of providing her fluids and nutritional needs, either by intravenous fluids or nasogastric tube.

At this stage, home is the best place for her as long as there are significant family members who can care and stay with her until her final moments. I believe your mother in-law would love to have her final moments at home with all the loved ones around. But at least, there must be a healthcare provider to check on her to assess what is going on and provide some possible supportive measures or symptomatic treatment so as not just leaving her to die in one corner possibly with all the discomfort. If you can arrange for a healthcare provider to do home visit at least, that will be a good idea.

Well, that is my opinion as a nurse who had handled terminal cases similar to your mother-in-law.

Take care!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
She is drinking water and juice so it must be renal failure. My husband is leaving Tuesday to go home do you feel she will still be here? she is talking and does not know she is terminal. If I need to I will change his flight to leave tonight.


If she is able to drink then the absence of urine output is an indication of an organ failure ,her kidney is failing most possibly due to over diuresis. With both liver and kidney now considered in failure, we cannot tell how she will cope up. It all depends on her system's tolerance. If she is not receiving any supportive treatment now for her liver, complications can set in anytime which include coma. The same thing with the kidneys, if body wastes (urea and creatinine) blood levels continue to rise, complications can progress rapidly. Other organ failure can follow such as heart failure. When will that happen, we cannot presume without at least any laboratory blood tests to see how are her organs system doing.